Life After CCS

life after ccs

Children’s Community School alumni come back to Open House each year
to share perspectives of their CCS experience.

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Children’s Community School admits all kinds of children and graduates all kinds of young people. Our goal is to graduate young people who know themselves (their strengths and weaknesses), who show compassion to others (and themselves), and who take responsibility for their own education (and their community).

Middle schools, both public and independent, love getting CCS graduates, because they’re engaged in the classroom, they’re active in extracurricular activities, and they’re demonstrating how to get along with peers. About half our children go to any number of public schools (including magnets, charters and small learning academies) and the other half go to a variety of independent schools (from Harvard Westlake to Campbell Hall, you’ll find a CCS alum in almost every private school community).

But more importantly, CCS alumni do well academically and socially in all these different environments. They seek help when they need it, they offer help to their friends, they have interests that allow them to connect with their peers and they love to come back and tell us what life is like after CCS.

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