At a Glance

at a glance

The Basics
Founded in: 1981
Founders: Leni Jacksen and Neal Wrightson
Head of School: Neal Wrightson
Location: Van Nuys
Kindergarten to 6th Grade
Accreditations:  NAIS & CAIS

The Programs
Founded the Van Nuys Health Fair and Family Festival (community service) in 1997
Founded the Children’s Arts Institute (summer arts camp) in 2002
Founded the Van Nuys Civic Center West neighborhood group (community service) in 2004

The Arts
5 Specialists: Dance/Movement, Storytelling, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Printshop
3 Annual “Sings”: Winter, Spring and Graduation
Orff Schulwerk Music Program
Award Winning Letterpress Print Program

Statistics for the 2016-2017 School Year

The Community
Number of Students: 106
Number of Families: 89
Board of Directors: 13
Administrators: 8

The Classroom
Lead Teachers: 6
Assistant Teachers: 7
Art Specialists:  4
Average Class Size:  18
Ratio of Students to Teachers:  6:1

The Finances
Tuition: $26,992
Percentage of Students Receiving Tuition Assistance: 38%
Total Amount of Tuition Assistance Grants:  $697,240
Percentage of Students with Households Earning Less than $30,000 annually:  5%
Annual Fund Goal:  100% community participation

How the 2014-2015 Money was Spent

Income ($3,967,514)
Tuition/Fees:  90% of operating budget
Children’s Arts Institute:  4% of operating budget
Annual Fund:  6% of operating budget
Events/Other Income: >1% of operating budget

Expenses ($3,746,425)
Salaries/Benefits:  69% of operating budget
Tuition Assistance Grants:  21% of operating budget
Mortgage/Utilities/Insurance/Maintenance/Supplies: 5% of operating budget
Children’s Arts Institute:  4% of operating budget
Development/Advertising:  >1% of operating budget

Read the latest Annual Report, click here:  CCS-Annual-Report-2014-2015