Progressive Education

progressive education

Children’s Community School’s progressive philosophy is rooted in the teachings of John Dewey.


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John Dewey was a philosopher at the turn of the 20th century. As the (first) industrial revolution was taking place, Dewey considered how that revolution would affect democracy as practiced in America. With large numbers of people being trained to work at rote tasks in factories, Dewey began to think about how everyone could participate in our democracy—how would they know what questions to ask of our leaders and how, in fact, would they know to question them at all?

This led John Dewey to thinking about American education. He believed, as we do, that schools have an intergral role to play in a democratic society. Schools shouldn’t just be a training ground for jobs, but they should be a place where children learn how to be a part of a community, find out answers to questions they have, and that school, in fact, should be preparation for life.

At Children’s Community School, we’re proud to be manifesting John Dewey’s vision, and we’re dedicated to keeping progressive education alive and relevant.