Faculty and Staff

faculty and staff

STAFF 2016-2017
CCS treasures its staff – both new and old.

Neal Wrightson*, Head of School:  35 years at CCS/39 years as a teacher – B.A., Sonoma State College/M.A., Columbia University/Life Teaching Credential
Krystal Dillard:  5 years at CCS/13 years as a teacher – B.A., Howard University/M.A., Marymount University/Teaching Credential
Holly Lash*:  8 years at CCS/15 years as a teacher – B.F.A., Adelphi University/M.F.A., CalArts/M.A Candidate, Antioch University
Hillary Post:  1 year at CCS/5 years as a teacher – B.A., McGill University/M.A., Columbia University/Teaching Credential
Ruby Rodriguez: 4 years at CCS/5 years as a teacher – B.A., CSUN/Teaching Credential
Chrissy Schoellkopf: 1 year at CCS/3 years as a teacher – B.A., Pennsylvania State University/M.A., Antioch University/Teaching Credential
Lindsey Young:  8 years at CCS/8 years as a teacher – B.A., USC/M.S., Bank Street College/Teaching Credential
Seth Drenner (Art/Print Shop):  11 years at CCS/15 years as a teacher – B.A., University of Northern Iowa/B.F.A., Art Center College of Design
Dalida Haytayan (Dance/Movement):  1 year at CCS/14 years as a teacher – B.A., Mimar Sinan University Conservatory (Istanbul)
Angela Lloyd (Storytelling):  7 years at CCS/32 years as a teacher – B.A., Rollins College/M.F.A., Florida State University/Asolo Conservatory
Juan Langarica (Physical Fitness): 3 years at CCS/1 year as a teacher – B.A. Candidate, Los Angeles Mission College
Aaron Williams (Music):  5 years at CCS/9 years as a teacher – B.A., Missouri Western State University/M.A. Candidate, CSULB/Orff III Certification, CSULA
Errick Clements*: 5 years at CCS/23 years as a teacher – B.A. Candidate, CSULA/B.A. Candidate, USC
Berlin Emerson: 1st year at CCS/2 years as a teacher – B.A. New England Culinary Institute/B.A. Candidate, Antioch University
Rafe Goodwell: 6 years at CCS/7 years as a teacher – B.A., UCSB/M.A. Candidate, Antioch University
Clay Hazelwood:  3 years at CCS/3 years as a teacher – B.F.A., CalArts/M.F.A., CalArts
Lynn Kuratomi*, Assistant Teacher for Educational Support: 13 years at CCS/12 years as a teacher/Para-educator Certification, LAVC
Cara Kinkel**: 7 years at CCS/16 years as a teacher – B.A., Columbia University/M.A. Candidate, Antioch University
Maronke Sims: 1st year at CCS/11 years as a teacher – B.A., CSUN/M.A. Candidate, CSULA
Andrea Blanco, Business Manager: 2 years at CCS – B.S., UC Riverside/M.B.A., Plymouth State University
Berta De Leon*, Administrative Assistant:  15 years at CCS
Carlos Garcia*, Maintenance/Security: 15 years at CCS – B.S., University of El Salvador
Brandi McPherson*, Curriculum Coordinator:  8 years at CCS/18 years as a teacher – B.A., CSUN/Teaching Credential
Heather McPherson*, Director of Advancement: 16 years at CCS – B.A., CSUN/Fundraising Certificate, UCLA
George Nersisyan, Director of the Children’s Arts Institute: 9 years at CCS – B.A., CSUN
 Helen Stevenson*, Assistant Head of School:  30 years at CCS
Olga Winbush*, Curriculum Consultant: 20 years at CCS/38 years as a teacher – B.A., UCLA/M.A., Pacific Oaks College/Ph.D., UCLA

* Alumni Parents
** CCS Alumnus

Notice of Non-Discrimination:  Children’s Community School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or religion and provides equal access to its programs and activities.  Chidlren’s Community School is an EEO employer without unlawful discrimination in the selection of employees on the basis of national origin, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other basis prohibited by law.  Inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies should be directed to the Assistant Director, Administration and Operations.