All School Meetings 2016-17

The final All School Meeting of the school year – 6/2/17 led by Lucca and Joshua. The Shooting Stars shared their study about animals and the Supernova’s read a couple of name poems. Many many summer birthdays were celebrated in song and the Aurora Borealis shared about their trip to Watts Towers which included the towers they all built and named. We had a very special guest, the 2nd cousin of Supernova Hannah Malley, Josh Nelson who is an amazing musician. He played the Peanuts song on piano and then had a jam session with Aaron playing drums. Plus, he accompanied the Aurora Borealis on “I Got Rhythm”. To learn more about Josh go to Also, the Hip Hop Exploration shared their culminating hip hop dance. Lastly, Neal gave a heartfelt goodbye to 3 wonderful teachers Chrissy, Rafe, and Krystal and the community sang “Simple Gifts”. 🙂

All School Meeting 5/19/17led by Giulia and William. They had a unique spin on beginning the meeting which you must watch! The Shooting Stars played a Shapes piece. The Asteroids sang and played the Tree Song and the community sang “Georgie”. The Supernova read letters they wrote as Chumash and the Constellations shared a dance. Plus birthdays and announcements. 🙂

All School Meeting 5/5/17 led by Scarlett and Colette. The Asteroids played a tree percussion and the Constellations shared about their field trip to Western Bagel. The community sang “Flying Squirrels” and the “Cuckoo Song” and sang happy birthday to a record number of students and teachers 🙂

All School Meeting 4/21/17 led by Cy, Julian and Josh. The community sang T”he Banana Boat” song as well as “KeeMayKyMo”, birthdays were celebrated and then we had a very special guest, Richie Ramone speak with the students as well as a Q & A. Richie then treated the community to a drum demo and then joined in on “Inch By Inch”. 🙂

All School Meeting 3/17/17 led by Maria, Xochitl and Grace in game show format. The Community sang “Inch By Inch”, the Shooting Stars modeled their paper vests they created – Fashion week meets CCS :-), the Constellations played an instrumental first with singing. Many birthdays were celebrated with song and parent of Arlo – Jo Belonsky shared the story behind ”
“Tshotsholoza” a classic song sung for many years at CCS. It was originally sung by Ndebele all-male migrant workers that were working in the South African mines in a call and response style. Jo shared with the community what it was like for the workers under terrible conditions during Apartheid in South Africa. The children asked very thoughtful questions and we all appreciated our community that much more afterwards. 🙂

All School Meeting 3/3/17 led by Elyse, Mathilda and Alexa. After a creative sketch where Alexa spoke with some beings from the future, the community sang “Blowin’ In The Wind.” The Supernovas shared about the Chumash, the community sang “I Got Rhythm”, Aurora Borealis presented “Shabuya” with rhymes and instruments and the Asteroids shared about their whale watching trip. The community sang “If I Had A Hammer” and The Milky Ways shared a Boston reflection. After a Gala announcement the ASM ended with “Johnny’s Lost His Marble”. 🙂

All School Meeting 2/17/17 led by 4th graders Claire and Owen. The Milky Way were still away on their Boston trip so this the ASM when 4th graders get a chance to lead. The Supernova had a picture share, the Aurora Borealis gave a bathroom announcement as well as sharing about their overnight trip to San Diego. The community sang “I Got Rhythm” as well as an extended version of Ratin’Bag, plus Birthdays and a special Gala announcent 🙂

All School Meeting 2/3/17 -led by Samantha and Jackson, who began with a bouncy way to jam using percussion. The Supernovas performed their Rainbow Bridge Dance, the Constellations shared paintings, Holly read the Asteroids Luisa story, and the community sang “If you Miss Me on he Back of the Bus”, Kee Ma Kye Mo, and the Milky Way played “Ash Grove”. 🙂

All School Meeting 1/20/17 – the first ASM of 2017 led by Georgia and Jeremiah. This ASM honored the birthday of Martin Luther King.

All School Meeting 12/2/16– led by Frankie and Selkie, who began with a game show with puppets. This was a quite a full meeting as several exploration classes shared their work including the “Nutcrackette” and the woodworking exploration. The SuperNova’s shared their instrumental piece and the Shooting Stars sang “Three Jazzy Bears”. The 5th graders surprised the community with an unusual recorder presentation (you’ll have to watch).Lastly, the community sang “This Pretty Planet”. 🙂

All School Meeting 11/18/16 – led by Mathilda and Xochitl. They surprised us all with a “special friend” that came to visit. The Aurora Borealis shared about their Hermit crab, the entire community sang “Damos Gracias”, “Over the River” and “Small World”, the Milk Ways did the CCS classic seasonal “Turkey Blues”. Parent Teri Steiner shared a health fair wrap up and a special thank you to George and parent Allison Ross discussed important carpool drop off safety concerns. Lastly, for the first time since anyone could remember there were no birthdays to celebrate! 🙂

All School Meeting 11/4/16-led by Josh and William. SuperNova’s read a story about monsters and shared drawing of their own personal monsters. The community sang “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with some musical accompaniment from some of the Milky Ways. The Milky Ways also played “Mice and Crickets”. Group names were shared along with individual rhythmic riffing for each groups name. Plus – birthdays, a health fair announcement and an extended version of “Second Story Window” was sung by the entire community with many nursery rhymes thrown into the mix. 🙂

All School Meeting 10/21/16 – led by Scarlett, Maria and Joshua. Neal welcomed our prospective parent guests. Then, the community sang “Somos El Barco”. The Shooting Stars shared about their class pet, the Supernovas shared information posters and the Asteroids did a skit about how they purchased their class pet at Pet Supreme. Many birthdays were celebrated and we all sang the “Banana Boat Song”. The Aurora Borealis shared three dances as well as the Constellations having a dance share and the 4th graders played Pierrot. The Milky Way had a special newspaper announcement and played “Oye Como Va” on multiple instruments. Also, a very special announcement was made to the entire community from the Asteroids teacher, Holly. This was quite a packed ASM. 🙂

All School Meeting 9/23/16 – led by Alexa and Jackson and they began with an original puppet show. The kindergarten has named their group Shooting Stars! Aurora Borealis announced birthdays. The Milky Ways discussed composting at CCS. Heather had special announcement about the upcoming Parent Ed with Katherine Ellison on Thursday, September 29th. Plus the community sang Georgie, Make New Friends, Blue Skies and the Milky Ways played Singing In the Rain which included some improvisation. 🙂

The first All School Meeting of 2016-17 – 9/9/16 school year! Selkie and Jeremiah led the meeting and began with original music they created with Aaron adding some harmony. The entire community sang Gene Wilder’s version of “Pure Imagination” and “This Land is Your Land”, The SuperNovas did a pet share, The Constellations shared self-portraits, The Asteroids performed a skit about their bearded dragon, Luisa and a found cricket, Plus, the 6th graders performed a recorder performance of “Inocencia”. Lastly, Aaron along with the Milky Way 5th/6th Graders performed “Funga Alafia Ashe Ashe” and the entire community got up and moving – including teachers, faculty and parents 🙂