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Session 3 CCS T/TH

Go Radio! (Ages 5-10)

Space Adventure?  Fairy Tale?  Soap Opera?  Welcome to the exciting world of Radio Drama!  In this class we'll explore audio artistry through voice acting and live sound effects!  Each kid friendly script we record will be presented on a flash drive at the end of the session.
Taught by Jesse Mackey.

Tennis (Ages 5-10)

TGA’s curriculum includes station-based tennis and fitness activities along with games that improve motor skills, agility, hand-eye coordination and over all tennis skills. The nationally recognized certified TGA coaching team brings the court to the playground and provides all of the equipment for tennis, fitness and fun! New this summer: Campers will participate in an end of session USTA Net Generation Team Challenge to showcase their new and / or improved skills!
Taught by TGA Instructors.

Arts Exploration (Ages 5-10)

This class will introduce a variety of materials and techniques for students to experiment with image making. It will include watercolor, charcoal drawing, stamp making, painting, and clay while using brushed, sticks, and handmade tools for mark making. Projects will include several 2-D images and one sculpture.
Taught by Seth Drenner.

Woodworking (Ages 5-10)

In this class students will be making long and precise cuts, drilling their own holes and will cut and chisel their own dados and rabbits. As always students will be learning how to measure accurately and use squares to make right angles. This summer we will plan to make 2 or more small projects during each session. There will be lots of nailing, gluing, sawing, sanding and painting.
Taught by Rick Goodwell.

HOGWARTS Magic Workshop (Ages 5-8)

Expelliarmus! Hogwarts’ Magic Workshop is here to amaze with spells, tricks, props, and techniques for our young wizards. Following the Code of Gryffindor, students will be just like Harry Potter and develop new skills, dexterity, creativity, stage presence, and self-confidence. All props are provided, and a new trick is sent home each class! Join us as we learn tricks, have house competitions, wizard games and more!
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Drawing (Ages 5-10)

Using a variety of dry mediums (pencils, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels and markers), we will explore different techniques in drawing. Some drawings will be from observing real life, others will be from our imaginations. We will draw in a range of styles from abstract/graphic to realistic. Subject matter will include portrait, self-portrait, landscape and illustration (using drawing to tell a story).
Taught by Larry Ashton.

Advanced Chess (Ages 5-10)

In this class for more experienced players we will be taking Chess education to a higher level. We'll begin with a lightning fast review of the rules of the game but quickly move beyond that to dive into Chess strategy, technique and style! And there will something challenging for all involved. The class will be fun and upbeat and will include game play, puzzles, technology, and group activities. *All students should be confident in the basic rules of Chess. This is a perfect follow up class for any children who previously attended Beginners Chess*
Taught by Brian Julian.

Ceramics (Ages 5-10)

This class will teach the fundamentals of using clay to create a variety of ceramic pieces. Students will be introduced to techniques like coiling, rolling out slabs, and glazing. Projects include pitch pots, masks, cups, bowls, & beads.
Taught by Seth Drenner.

Escape Room (Ages 5-10)

Do you like puzzles? How about working as a team to solve mysteries and master riddles to see if you have what it takes to beat the clock?! Inspired by the popular Escape Room concept, this is an interactive and team building class, focused on getting kids moving, thinking outside the box and working together! Each day a new story/challenge will be presented. Students will learn how to work together using logic and wit, to race the clock in order to solve whatever challenge or mystery the day might bring. So, bring your brilliance and skills. This year we have all new escape rooms never seen before!
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Printmaking (Ages 7-10)

Students in this class will work on the school’s intaglio press to create multilayered prints. Learn the basics of relief printing and color mixing for inks.
Taught by Seth Drenner.

Ancient Board Games (Ages 5-10)

Do you love board games? Perhaps you didn't know that some of the games people still play today are ancient. Not ancient like the early 1900s. We’re talking ancient like the early 900s! In this class Chess Instructor Brian will expand beyond The Game of Kings and introduce a different ancient board game throughout the session.
Taught by Brian Julian.

Painting (Ages 5-10)

In this class, we will experiment using various paints (watercolor, colored pencils that turn into watercolor when wet, tempera paint, with different size/shaped brushes on different kinds of paper. We will also explore wax (crayon/oil pastel) with paint (watercolor) resist. Subject matter will include portrait, still life and landscape.
Taught by Larry Ashton.