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Session 1 Westland T/TH

Flag Football (Ages 5-10)

Ready! Set! Hike! Students will learn football fundamentals, develop strategy and have fun with their friends. Build endurance, develop coordination and learn how to play as a team! Games will be played each week after working on skills and drills in a fun and safe learning environment. This is a NON CONTACT sports class. All games are played using Flag Football rules and materials.
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Pyramids and Pom Poms! (Ages 5-10)

Go Team, Go! It's time to get revved up for cheer camp! Students will learn fun sideline chants, stunts, basic tumbling, and a choreographed routine. No experience needed, but a great attitude is required! Goooooo team CAI!
Taught by Katy Cryns.

Escape Room (Ages 5-10)

Do you like puzzles? How about working as a team to solve mysteries and master riddles to see if you have what it takes to beat the clock?! Inspired by the popular Escape Room concept, this is an interactive and team building class, focused on getting kids moving, thinking outside the box and working together! Each day a new story/challenge will be presented. Students will learn how to work together using logic and wit, to race the clock in order to solve whatever challenge or mystery the day might bring. So, bring your brilliance and skills. This year we have all new escape rooms never seen before!
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Tennis (Ages 5-10)

TGA’s curriculum includes station-based tennis and fitness activities along with games that improve motor skills, agility, hand-eye coordination and over all tennis skills. The nationally recognized certified TGA coaching team brings the court to the playground and provides all of the equipment for tennis, fitness and fun! New this summer: Campers will participate in an end of session USTA Net Generation Team Challenge to showcase their new and / or improved skills!
Taught by TGA Instructors.

Yoga and Meditation (Ages 5-10)

Children have a natural proclivity for letting go of distractions and being in the moment. Practicing Mindfulness will give them the tools to practice how to harness this quality, which offers them access to their own resiliency. Something that they can benefit throughout their lives.

A great place to begin this practice with children is to focus on the body and the breath. Which we will be doing with Yoga.We’ll stretch like a dog, balance like a flamingo, breathe like a bunny, or stand strong and tall like a tree. Also, attendants will be able to learn and practice simple meditation skills to carry with them into their busy lives.
Taught by Dalida Haytayan.

Jewelry Making (Ages 7-10)

Let’s make some fabulous, fashionable and beautiful jewelry! The jewelry making class will be filled with a variety of projects including making bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and other beautiful creations.
Taught by Bayley Wilson.

Cardboard Construction (Ages 5-10)

Get your hard-hats and recyclables ready for this construction class!  Campers will craft blueprints for their unique designs and will have all sorts and sizes of re-purposed cardboard at their disposal.  We will create a wonderland of mega cardboard creations!
Taught by Heidi Ware.

Dance Crazes Through the Decade (Ages 7-10)

Let's take a trip back in time and experience a world of dance, from the 1920s to today! Students will learn to Charleston, dance with a Swing partner, and get funky to Disco and more as we journey through the decades and end up in year 2019.
Taught by Katy Cryns.

Spa Chemistry (Ages 7-10)

Relaxation is calling!  Campers will create homemade spa essentials, including sugar body scrub, flavored lip balm, fizzy bath bombs, and more!  We will experiment with natural ingredients like honey, coconut and essential oils to create a variety of at-home remedies.
Taught by Heidi Ware.

Dramatics (Ages 5-10)

Become a better storyteller in this fun, creative, and interactive drama class! This class is filled with silly drama and theatre games that will allow the kids to build creative characters.  They will explore the art of commercial acting and learn to read scripts as they bring the words on the page to life! So, if you are full of Drama, you will love "Dramatics!"
Taught by Delandis McClam.

Comic Book Creators (Ages 5-10)

Brainstorm, Storyboard, Pencil, Ink, and Color. Imagine a future world full of new technologies and challenges facing humans at every turn...Now draw it! In this special comic book class, create a character that will explore the future as you see it. When you zoom light years ahead, what will you find? After the session is over, the comic booklets are taken back to our studio and professionally edited and put together! When complete, the comic books will be delivered to the students and are theirs to keep. All materials and supplies provided. Class is for boys and girls. Returning students are encouraged and new comic book creators welcome!
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Tasting Creations (Ages 5-10)

Did you know your taste buds change every 5 to 7 years? Have you ever wondered why strawberries and chocolate go so well together? How about pancakes and syrup? Sweet and salty? Welcome to Tasting Creations, where we will explore amazing flavors, create delicious dishes and pair fun ingredients from around the world to blow our taste buds away. You may even realize you like Broccoli once you have baked it into our delicious Broccoli Cheesy Bread. So, grab your appetite and join us, while we become expert chefs in our nutritious and fun cooking class!
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Basketball (Ages 5-10)

Improve your skills and confidence in this fast-paced and exciting basketball class! Dribbling, passing, footwork, ball handling, shooting and other fundamental basketball skills will be taught in this class for students of all skill levels. ACE Hoops! is a non-competitive sports class that will allow students to build endurance, develop coordination, and have a blast! Players will play a game each week, in addition to working on skills and drills in a fun and friendly environment.
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Hand Sewing (Ages 6-10)

This year in our Hand Sewing class, we will be having fun while learning basic and some more advanced hand stitches. Attendants will pick an individual project to work on. Depending on the participants level we will be sewing multitude of choices—color selection, fabric options, design and proportion to help kids stimulate their creative thinking skills. Completing a project fosters a sense of accomplishment. Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop through the use of the hands, and exercises in following directions along with problem solving skills are all added benefits of sewing experiences for children.
Taught by Dalida Haytayan.

Amusement Park Engineering (Ages 5-8)

Students will explore the world of engineering while designing their own exciting rides, using cutting-edge technology and electronics. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of physics and science.
*Students will take home every model built throughout the course!
Taught by STEM&More.

Seal Robotics (Ages 7-10)

In this course students will learn and explore sea, air, and land technology. students use infra-red remote controls, transmission gears and other electronic tools, and develop thinking strategies, motor skills and dedication.
*Students will take home every model built throughout the course!
Taught by Stem&More.

TumbleKidz (Ages 5-7)

Want to learn how to do a handstand? Bend over backward in a bridge?  Students in TumbKidz will get to learn a wide array of tumbling tricks while becoming more flexible and confident along the way. Each class will begin with a warm-up including split, back, and wrist stretches, and will focus on a certain skill set so that students can learn at their own pace. Let's have some fun!
Taught by Katy Cryns.

HOGWARTS Magic Workshop (Ages 5-8)

Expelliarmus! Hogwarts’ Magic Workshop is here to amaze with spells, tricks, props, and techniques for our young wizards. Following the Code of Gryffindor, students will be just like Harry Potter and develop new skills, dexterity, creativity, stage presence, and self-confidence. All props are provided, and a new trick is sent home each class! Join us as we learn tricks, have house competitions, wizard games and more!
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

The Art of Watercolor (Ages 5-10)

Become the next Picasso or Monet in this awesome watercolor painting class! Students will learn basic drawing and painting techniques, get creative, and develop their own unique, artistic style. Using paintbrushes, sponges and more, students will experiment with different ways of applying paint to paper. Their imaginations will be put to the test to come up with unique compositions. Combining painting and drawing materials and techniques, students will create beautiful, mixed-media masterpieces! This class is beginner based and great for learning new drawing and painting skills.
Taught by ACE Enrichment.

Fashion Design (Ages 7-10)

Come to learn the art of fashion design. Class is fun, creativity and imagination have no limits. We will learn how to sketch designs, hand sewing and sewing machine basics. Let’s have some fun with fabric, scissors, needles and more.
Taught by Irena West.

Slime 2.0 (Ages 5-10)

We are bringing one of last year’s most popular class back to our camp. Who doesn't like playing with slime? But maybe not so much the mess that it takes to make it. So, let us handle the mess, while your kids enjoy the oozy-gooey Fun! They will become an expert on science of making the perfect slime!
Taught by Dalida Haytayan.

Culinary Arts (Ages 5-10)

Welcome to Culinary Arts where culinarians, artists and food-lovers come to create delicious editable creations. In Culinary Arts, we learn while we eat! Nutrition, preparation, presentation and flavors, we will explore new tastes and pairings, while perfecting our cutting and baking skills in a kid-friendly kitchen. From math to science, geography to culture, we will explore all the richness that comes with what has brought people together since the beginning of time — Great food!
Taught by ACE Enrichment.