The 2017-2018 CCS Annual Fund is now underway.  Every institution raises money via an Annual Fund or Annual Solicitation – it’s simply the most effective and least expensive way to raise money. 

At Children’s Community School, our Annual Fund helps close the gap between the cost of tuition and cost of a CCS education.  Because of our community’s socio-economic diversity (which is at the core of our philosophy), we ask every family, Board Member, alum, alumni parent and friend of the school to make a tax-deductible gift to help make this education available to all kinds of children and families.

The reason our inclusiveness makes a difference to our students’ experiences is simply that it allows them to practice democracy for seven years.  And democracy takes practice.  How to listen actively and how to express your ideas effectively, how to take turns and compromise, how to have compassion for viewpoints different from your own and how to advocate for yourself and your friends – these are the goals for CCS students.  If our student body was homogeneous, those lessons would simply be lost.

CCS is working to graduate students who are ready to live, work and play in a world that we can’t see today.  We don’t know what jobs our students will have when they are in the work-world, but we do know that the abilities of adaptation, listening and effective expression are timeless.  At Children’s Community School, these are the skills we value and the Annual Fund is a crucial piece of delivering our mission to our students.

Your gift of any size is welcome and all gifts are valued:  DONATE