We're getting ready for our annual community service project at Children's Community School:  The 21st Annual Van Nuys Health Fair and Family Festival.

At CCS, we want to give our students practical experience with community service, but it is very important that it be both tangible to young children and meaningful to the recipients.  To serve both of these goals, the students, teachers and parents at CCS created a health fair held on campus each year.  The event has grown to be expected and depended upon by our neighbors and to be integrated into our classroom activities.

This year, we will provide health services and information to over 500 people.  In partnership with our City Council office and over thirty not-for-profit organizations, visitors to the health fair will get free vaccinations, eye exams, flu shots, dental treatments, and much more.  And to give the health fair a festive atmosphere, there will be children's games, music and a low-cost, delicious lunch.  Our students will be involved in age-appropriate activities that give them hands-on experience in community service by volunteering to help those in need.

This year, CCS students will take on these roles:

  • Megalodons (Kindergarten): How to Exercise
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Kindergarten/1st Grade):  How to Eat (Fruits & Vegetables)
  • Passenger Pigeons (1st/2nd Grades):  Water Distribution
  • Tasmanian Tigers (2nd/3rd Grades):  Plant Raffle
  • Black Rhinos (3rd/4th Grades):  Recycling Information
  • Saber-Toothed Tigers (5th/6th Grades):  Smoothie Station

We invite you to enjoy a day of service with us on Saturday, November 4 from 9 to noon on the CCS campus.

This is a wonderful, family-friendly way to see the CCS community actively demonstrate our mission of "education for democracy".