On Monday, November 27, there was no school, but there was plenty going on at CCS.

The entire staff gathered for a day-long emergency training led by LA Fire Department Captain Stacy Gerlich.  The CCS staff had been divided into committees with various responsibilities in case of an emergency (i.e. earthquake, weather, etc.).  Committee responsibilities range from First Aid to Campus Security to Parent Communications to Childcare and many more.  On Monday, we ran drills on a variety of scenarios created for us by Captain Gerlich.  Committees reported back to Incident Command (inside the auditorium), reviewed their duties, explored the emergency shed, made plans about documenting the event and so much more.  It was a full day!

Then, about one week later, CCS and all other schools in the area, experienced a minor emergency (air quality) reminding us why our preperation is so important.  It was a good test run of some of our procedures and prompted some good discussions among staff members about how to further improve our plans.

CCS takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously.  We revisit our emergency plans, supplies and training every few months in partnership with our Disaster Preparedness Committee (chaired by David Dawes, John Dolan and Eric Wallace).  If you have any questions, we hope you'll find these capable volunteers or anyone in the office to get the answers.

POSTSCRIPT FROM HELEN STEVENSON, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS:  We tracked the air quality during the fires as reported and now (12/12/07) we have had our HVAC System serviced and all filters have been replaced to ensure that the system is functioning well and maintaining good air quality in the classrooms. The A/C carbon pleated filters we use are the quality required for our type of system and “combine low resistance, high dust holding capacity with the odor removing abilities of activated carbon.”  In the newest classrooms (4, 5 & 6), these filters are inside the big exterior unit and, due to the air flow system in that type of unit, they are better for those rooms.  We hope this information is helpful and welcome any questions to helen@ccsteaches.org.