Dear CCS Parents,

Tomorrow CCS will be closed (Thursday, December 7). After two days of “moderate levels” of particulate matter (according to the EPA and the AQMD), this afternoon we have watched those levels climb. LAUSD announced moments ago that they are closing all schools north of Mulholland Dr. (in the East and West San Fernando Valley). In addition, the Creek fire is still 0% contained (it is the smoke from that fire that is affecting us primarily) and the Skirball fire, which began this morning, has spread and is also reported to be 0% contained. The forecast is for increasing winds tonight. 

We are worried about those of you who may be near fires, or even evacuated. Please let us know when you can – this community stands ready to help and will, I know, be responsive in every way. I’m sorry also for the bind this decision will put some of you in regarding childcare and the logistics of busy schedules. We have stayed open while others have not, knowing the impact a school closure can have on families while monitoring all of the air quality agencies to ensure safety and safe practices for everyone. Today’s attendance was probably below 50%. If you are able, please reach out to others in your children’s classes to work out childcare, etc.

It is our hope and intention to reopen Friday. We will keep you apprised of our plans in a timely manner, including using our disaster preparedness tool One Call Now as well as email and our website to alert you to our reopening or continued closure.

We are wishing you all a safe and healthy day tomorrow in these trying circumstances.


Neal Wrightson

Head of School