Dear CCS Parents and Staff,


CCS will be open tomorrow – Friday 12/8. I hope you all were able to “shelter in place” last night, and that everyone is still in their homes. I know that a few of us were close to being evacuated last night. Please let us know if you have been displaced or suffered any loss on account of these fires, so that we can offer you help and support. It has been a week of trials and tribulations for all of us!


The air quality has improved markedly today, and the forecast is for even better conditions tomorrow. The plume of smoke that was flowing over our campus from the Creek fire has subsided substantially – almost completely. I hope that most of you will bring your children tomorrow. We have lost a day or two this week of class time, and with the Winter Break a week away, tomorrow will be a chance to dig in and renew our momentum approaching the time off. And we have preparations for the Winter Sing!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!


Neal Wrightson

Head of School