CCS is happy to give our families a chance to get yummy vegetables and fruits delivered to school on Wednesdays via Good Life Organics.  It's easy and GLO shares some of the profits with our school so it works on many levels!

CCS also asks Good Life Organics to provide a weekly box of fruit for each classroom that is available for the children to enjoy all week long.  This allows students to taste all kinds of fruits they may not have been exposed to before and maybe find something they love to eat.

And sometimes we even have an on-site Farmer's Market and our first one of the school year is coming up on Friday, September 22 after the All School Meeting.

Every family has their own culture and sometimes that includes a food culture.  CCS strives to recognize and support each family's food choices while also teaching children about nutrition and how to make choices that make us feel good inside and out.