There’s been a long tradition at Children’s Community School of coming together to work with our hands - it's very John Dewey.

Our campus is lovely and there are professionals who come every day/week to make sure it’s spiffy and attractive – we’re grateful to them.  But they can’t replace the sense of community that is created when parents, children and staff spend some time digging, painting, cleaning and re-furbishing our little corner of Van Nuys.

Very much like our annual Health Fair, Beautification Day calls on everyone, regardless of skill-level, to pitch in and make the world of CCS a little better.  By collaborating on a project for a few hours, our elbow grease and time will make our campus run more smoothly or be more pleasant to live-in or help it last longer.  And our children watch and learn about how to give back selflessly and with vigor.

This year’s Beautification Day is on Saturday, February 24 and some of the projects we’ll be tackling are:

  • Gardening
  • Artwork Display Rotation
  • Bench Refurbishment
  • New Storage Shed Installation
  • Treehouse Sanding and Staining
  • Sandbox toy Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Library Organization – Shelving, Book Checking-in & Book Covering
  • And More!

Come get your hands dirty and your heart lifted!