It’s not a bad question.  The quick answer is:  Everyone does it!

But at CCS, we don’t do anything without a lot of forethought and deep consideration, so here’s our answer:

The parent fundraiser raises a significant amount of money that supports CCS’ unique mission of education for democracy in a diverse, urban environment.  All of our fundraising is necessary to meet our budget goals that allow us to offer 40% of our student body tuition assistance.  That commitment to diversity is so big and our school is so small that we must seek every possible opportunity to raise 10% of our annual budget... AND additionally, the fundraising event is an opportunity for our parents, staff and friends of the school to come together and celebrate Children’s Community School, our mission and each other! 

It’s true that a fundraising event is a lot of work – for staff and volunteers.  It’s also true that no one "party" can meet the expectations of every community member.  Some people want a traditional sit-down dinner and some people want a bowling night, but the volunteer leadership tries to create an event that will appeal to a wide-swath of folks, bring a different flavor to every year and continue to raise the money the school needs to be financially secure.  (Side note:  Volunteering to lead this event is a BIG job and these volunteers are priceless!)

This year, our annual parent fundraiser (rebranded from GALA to PARENT’S NIGHT OUT or PNO) is on Sunday, March 11 @ 6:30 p.m. at The Arts District Brewery.  You can grab tickets here:  TICKETS, pick up raffle tickets here:  RAFFLE* and check out the auction here:  AUCTION.

So please...

  • Buy something to benefit CCS or
  • Take a chance on the raffle or
  • Come have a blast at the event or
  • Share the auction link with all your friends or
  • Best yet:  DO ALL OF THESE THINGS, and help CCS offer an excellent progressive education to a diverse student body.

Thank you!

*Raffle Winner wins over 25 high end bottles of champagne, wine and liquor for your own INSTA-BAR!