The students are gone; the campus is quiet.  Classrooms have lots of half-packed boxes in them and the walls are bare.  Campers will be here soon, but this week is about wrapping-up.  Or is it?

This week, in the CCS library, you'll find all the teachers and specialists.  They'll be in there almost every day this week - all day long.  And their schedule is intense:  Curriculum reviews by each teacher - written and oral presentations reflecting on the year gone by.  What worked?  What didn't?  What was covered?  What was this group of children about?  Did they connect to the work and to each other?  These reports are given to colleagues by each Lead Teacher and their written reports are filed away so they can be accessed by other teachers in the future who will be teaching that grade level or that subject matter.  The Specialists do the same thing - often using other media to present their report.  

This year, time will be devoted to examining "Explorations."  This collaborative teaching program that gives staff and children a deep-dive into a special subject in multi-age groups. Now the teachers will examine and discuss this method using the same questions already mentioned.

But they're not done yet!

The next set of meetings are devoted to planning the curriculum for next year.  Each teacher proposes topics and life studies ideas for their classroom. The staff offers feedback and more ideas to help shape and frame what's to come in 2018-2019.

In between all these substantive conversations, the staff works in their rooms cleaning up and does some scheduling for next year.  Finally, on Friday, June 15, the staff will give some thought to a framing question for the retreat in August.  This two-day getaway (this year, in Oceanside) will kick-off the Fall with give the teachers a unified vision for delivering CCS' mission.

And then they write the Learning Records!

We ask a lot of our teachers, and they give it enthusiastically.  This behind the scenes work at CCS is the foundation of what the children get in a CCS classroom - thoughtful instruction by caring educators who take big picture ideas and make them meaningful to children.