Today, Thursday, August 16, 2018 is 13 days before the 2018-2019 school year begins and about 120 CCS children arrive for a year of joyful classroom learning and the hard work of building a strong  school community.  It is also 4 days before the CCS teachers are expected to return to begin the school year by planning their curriculum, setting up their rooms and attending the annual Staff Retreat (this year in Oceanside!).

But today, days in advance of their official "start date," who arrived?  ALL SIX LEAD TEACHERS - Hillary, Holly, Stephanie, Jordan, Ruby and Lindsey .  It was unexpected; they hadn't coordinated it, but they each arrived separately to begin preparation work before they were expected to.  That's the dedication they bring to their work at CCS.  That's more evidence that it's really so much more than a job to be a CCS teacher.  That's why we know CCS teachers think of this work as an opportunity to enact a mission of professional growth and profound love for their students.

There were excited exclamations of "How was your summer?!" and "Congratulations, Ruby!" and "I'm so excited for this year!"   We can feel it already... the anticipation of a school full of children who will have questions and answers and information and ideas we can't wait to hear. See you soon!