August 31, 2018

Here we are at the beginning of another exciting school year! The return of your children to CCS this week has brought life and joy to the campus, and we are all riding on the crest of that wave! It has been good to see all of you as well, and to bask in the warmth of this community.

I am writing to welcome you all back and to share a little bit of news from the summer.

First of all, after nearly a year of writing and planning on the part of the entire faculty and administrative staff, we were granted our 7-year CAIS accreditation! This was, as it turned out, a very useful and constructive process – a new format that afforded us the opportunity to take a deep dive into our practice from a different perspective. The California Association of Independent Schools is part of NAIS, and as members of both, we have access to many resources, conferences, and other events with our sister schools from around the state and country.

Also, as many of you have seen, there were some improvements made to our campus! The new turf, soccer goals, basketball hoops, and blacktop surfacing and painting has made the south yard look fantastic. Thanks to all of you for your contributions to this year’s Raise the Paddle at the Parent’s Night Out which funded most of this, and to George Nersisyan who spearheaded this project and then saw it to completion. Also thanks to Carlos and Juan for their excellent supervision and work on the installation. In addition, we have nearly completed a remodel of the classroom adjacent to the reading garden, turning it into two very nice spaces that will be used as small-group classrooms and meeting rooms. This is a much-needed improvement and will get so much use! There’s a beautiful new sun shade on the middle yard (thank you Class of 2018!), and we replaced and upgraded sound equipment in the auditorium. We also saw the completion of a project with the City of Los Angeles to replace the two missing trees on the Sylvan parkway in front of the school with two (small) oak trees (thank you Class of 2017!). This year’s Kindergarteners may be able to bring their children by one day to admire them…

This is the 38th year of CCS, and we are all feeling so good about the year ahead! The CCS Board of Trustees and the Administrative staff has begun (believe it or not) to lay plans for celebrating our 40th Anniversary in a couple of years. That’s a party to which we can all look forward! In the meantime, it was just so good to have the campus again filled with children and their families – parents, younger and older siblings, grandparents and friends. This is why we are the Children’s Community School! Come by and say hello, and come to the first All-School meeting next Friday (September 7) if you can.


Neal Wrightson
Head of School