The first tour of Children's Community School's 2017-2018 admission season just ended this morning. We welcomed guests, served treats, and arranged parking - all to put our best foot forward for our visitors. I suspect that prospective parents got ready for us too - planning for a slightly different morning routine, adding time to get here, and maybe thinking about what they need to know as they consider kindergarten for their child.

So here are some questions that prospective parents might ponder on any tour to really get at what's important to consider in a progressive school:

  • What does "education for democracy" mean?
  • Do tests, textbooks and grades really add value in an elementary school?
  • Is the progressive education practice dynamic and relevant?
  • Do I want my child's school to value independence and resilience for the students?

Come tour CCS and find out the answers to these questions for us, but remember to "think big" when touring a school for your child.  Kindergarten and elementary school in general are key influences in your child's life and will shape their self-image and how they perceive their importance in the world.  At CCS, these are the questions that drive us and we're happy to share our answers with you at our next tour.