This class is on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
This class is for ages 5–11

The title “Wizards Chess” is borrowed from the first Harry Potter movie in which the young heroes of the film play a larger than life game of Chess where they “become” the chess pieces and use Algebraic Chess Notation to command their side of the board to victory. In this class, we will quickly learn the Notation which makes Wizards Chess possible. Then we’ll get creative by deciding which piece to play and practice standing perfectly still like a Chess statue before coming to life and moving across the board to seize an enemy piece. The class will culminate in the students playing a life-sized game of Wizards Chess in which they get to act out their pieces’ movement, explore exciting and dramatic ways to capture and be captured, and shout out the words that will transform a board game into real life, “Knight to f3!”

*All students should be confident in the basic rules of Chess. This is a perfect follow up class for any children who previously attended Beginners Chess, Chess 2.0, and especially Scholars Chess. * *

NO classes on July 4!