Children’s Community School admits all kinds of children and graduates all kinds of young people. Our goal is to graduate young people who know themselves (their strengths and weaknesses), who show compassion to others (and themselves), and who take responsibility for their own education (and their community).


Middle schools, both public and independent, love getting CCS alumni because they’re engaged in the classroom, they’re active in extracurricular activities, and they’re demonstrating how to get along with peers. About one third of our students go to any number of public schools (including magnet and charter schools) and the others go to a variety of independent schools. You’ll find a CCS alum in almost every independent school community.

But more importantly, CCS alumni do well academically and socially in all these different environments. They seek help when they need it, they offer help to their friends, they have interests that allow them to connect with their peers, and they love to come back and tell us what life is like after CCS.

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What CCS Graduates have in common

  • Seek intellectual challenge and growth
  • Possess a deep and complex understanding of the world
  • Know how to be a good friend
  • Be active and informed participants in our democracy
  • Advocate for themselves and others
  • Make and appreciate art

See how education has impacted the past and will form the future.